Why Rib do I like Rib?


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I like Rib mostly because the feel that you get when he covers a song is much different from the other utaites. When he takes a song and covers it, you can really feel the emotion that he feels while singing it. You can just feel how much fun he has on some songs, like Kami no manimani and yomusugara kimi omou, and how emotional he is on other songs, such as connecting and akaito. I have also been listening to him for a long time, since freshman year if I'm correct. I was also never one to listen to music on the radio, but rather whatever I happen to stumble upon on the internet. Another reason I like Rib so much is because of the songs he covers. Utaites usually sing whatever they want to sing, so if you really like an utaite theres no real guarentee that they will ever end up singing one of your favorite songs. Luckily for me, Rib nailed almost all of my favorite songs and in my opinion he has even topped the original of each of the songs he covers. I feel that Rib can take things and always sing them a step or two above others and make every cover into his own piece of art.

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